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UPGarden P-Patch is located on the rooftop of the Mercer parking garage on Mercer Street between 3rd and 4th Ave N. Back in 2008, Parks and Green Spaces Levy, Uptown was designated as a priority area for new community garden development, but space for a garden was limited in this dense urban area. The garage’s rooftop was underutilized and was chosen as a perfect site for the garden. While Kistler Higbee Cahoot designed the garden layout, community members have added a lot of input and volunteered to build it.

Sticking with the theme of the parking garage, an old Airstream trailer was craned onto the roof and repurposed to become the new tool shed. An old 1963 Ford Galaxy was repainted and hollowed out to serve as a planting space for crops such as corn and pumpkins. While parking garages are designed to hold a lot of weight, the designers worked to ensure that the structure could hold up under the weight of all the soil, which can get quite heavy when wet. To minimize weight, the garden features shallower terraced planting beds and a lighter-weight mix of potting soil. The landscape design also features small seating areas, a planted trellis and an educational kiosk at the garden’s entrance.

The garden is almost finished and some of the first plantings are expected to be harvested later this summer. Unfortunately, this is only a temporary project because the garage is expected to be demolished in three to five years. Hopefully whatever replaces the structure will include a permanent garden space.

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Images ©UPGarden P-Patch and Eric Higbee