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The oblong pavilion is encased with floor-to-ceiling windows on the front and back sides. The project was designed to be a place of serenity and mediation, with an open structure that lets nature into the interior.

As the light changes throughout the day, the glass changes in transparency to create a fluctuating interior environment as the day marches on. The glass curtain lets light in one moment, then mirrors the surrounding foliage the next. The interior features a glossy green floor that emphasizes the forest.

The interior also has a pendulum chimney, which pokes through the roof, and hangs motionless above an interior fire pit. At night, the fire illuminates the interior along with track lighting, making the structure shine from the outside.

The area is prone to rainstorms during the summer months, so the architects sloped the roof on one side to direct rainfall safely off the structure. The front patio area is made from large fitted stones that have been smoothed into an even surface. A small geometric reflecting pool, painted green to blend in with the surrounding nature, lights up from within at night.

The pavilion provides a resting place to keep warm or dry after a day of reconnecting with nature.

+ Parque Humano

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