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The PAS House was designed by skateboarder and designer Gil Lebon Delapointe and LA based architect Francois Perrin to be a continuous ribbon of skateable surfaces – essentially, a skate park turned into a home. In theory, Senizergues will be able to open up the home and skate from the outside to the inside and through the three sections of the home. The first area includes the living room, dining area and kitchen, the second one includes a bedroom and bathroom and the third one has a skateboard practice area. Tubular in shape, the floor ramps up to the walls, which curve onto the ceilings with a 10 ft radius. Even the furniture will be skateable, whether it be built-in benches and tables or freestanding objects.

Senizergues has not only built an impressive skate-related empire, he is also quite the environmentalist. It’s no surprise then that his new home will feature sustainable strategies as well. Natural ventilation will help keep the space cool, and orientation and integration into the specific site will minimize the home’s impact and maximize the use of the sun. They also plan to make use of local materials as well as solar and wind power. For the living room prototype, which was built for Etnies 25th birthday in Paris, they made use of locally-sourced French wood (Pine, Poplar, Birch) and created minimal waste through the efficient use of plywood panels (100kg of waste out of a 3000kg structure).

The home will be wholly unique not only because every surface is designed with skateboarding in mind, but also because the structure is a grand departure from traditional Euclidian design – no squares, no rectangles, and no separation between floor, wall or ceiling. When completed next year, it will definitely be the raddest home in California.

Via ArchPaper

Images ©Etnies