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Pelli Clarke Pelli, Yale-NUS Campus, César Pelli, PCP Architectus, Yale, Singapore

The architectural language used by Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects seeks to balance the traditions of Yale’s campus in New Haven with those of Southeast Asia. According to the Pelli Clarke Pelli website, the floors in residential buildings will be broken into “neighborhoods,” and each will have its own sky garden, a landscaped outdoor space that is common in Singapore’s high-rises. The center of the campus will also feature an arboretum with six heritage trees.

Singapore gets a lot of rain, and the new campus will interact with water in interesting and clever ways. A large square oculus will be placed in the roof of the campus’ main gate, creating a dramatic frame for rain. And rainwater will be captured and filtered in an “eco-pond” located in a garden at the center of the campus. Sun- and rain-​screened colonnades and roofs will also be used throughout the campus to protect students and teachers from the elements. Additionally, the architects plan to use natural ventilation and advanced building systems in order to reduce energy use on campus.

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via WAN and the Architect’s Newspaper