Peoplefund, non-profit offices, leed, Lawrence Group, Austin, Texas, green building

PeopleFund’s new headquarters provides them with permanent facilities in which to provide education, training, loan services, and affordable home ownership counseling and purchase opportunities. The 10,000 sq ft, two-story building contains training and conference rooms plus permanent office space for both PeopleFund and PeopleTrust. Located very close the MLK, Jr metro stop on the Capital MetroRail Red Line, the offices will soon be joined by other non-profit offices, mixed-use and retail spaces, and an affordable housing development.

The project achieves energy efficiency through passive solar design and a high-performance envelope. Eco-friendly, durable and low-maintenance materials like kirei board, stucco, and hardi-board are integrated throughout the project, and east and west walls are built with concrete masonry unit cavity walls to reduce thermal bridging. Lawrence Group and PeopleFund are eagerly anticipating the project’s LEED Gold certification.

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Images © Jett Butler:Foda Studio/Lawrence Group