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At the moment, the industrial zones of Copenhagen’s suburbs are next in line for urban development. BIG’s vision calls for a new light rail loop that will connect the 20 development zones within a total area of 11km2. Instead of just providing transportation for the area, the loop will harbor development for the cross border region, allowing different programs to grow around the new stations. ”At certain points the rail becomes a building itself almost like a Roman aqueduct passing through the suburbs,” says BIG of the project. “At other points it forms small pockets of urbanity around the stations.”

In addition to connecting the areas around the Øresund Strait, Loop City would serve as a sustainable spine, implementing not just emission-reducing public transport, but also energy exchange, waste management, water treatment and electric car infrastructure. And BIG’s plan goes much further than just hashing out the details of the metro loop itself. It also defines the new development areas, with specific zones such as the Food Strip, the Industrial Leisure Park, the River Delta and the Urban Pocket.