Philips recently unveiled SlimStyle – a revolutionary flat A19 LED light bulb that would make Edison proud. With the 2014 federal phase-out of 40- and 60-watt incandescent bulbs now in effect, the company hopes that the SlimStyle’s streamlined shape and reduced price will convince more consumers to buy LED lighting for their homes. The new, more aesthetically-pleasing bulb is more affordable than current LED and CFL bulbs on the market thanks to its streamlined design, which eliminates the need for a heatsink.

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Although the majority of consumers are quite familiar with the many benefits of LED lighting, the LED market for personal use has been slow to pick up steam. While it is widely accepted that LED bulbs reduce energy usage and costs and last much longer than incandescent bulbs, consumers have complained about the quality of light and high price of LED lighting. The typical LED blue-tinted illumination has not won over many consumers accustomed to the warm ambience of incandecents. And despite a guaranteed longer lifespan, the high price of LED bulbs has also been a deterrent to widespread use.

However, with SlimStyle’s innovative flat design, Philips has managed to slash the price of the new 60 watt bulb by using the flat pancake shape, therefore eliminating the need for a metal heat sink, a component that was largely responsible for the high price tag of LED bulbs. Additionally, according to Philips, the new bulb can completely replace a 60W incandescent with similar beautiful light. And it sells at Home Depot for just $9.97.

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