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Derived from a combination of the words for “miniature” and “yummy” in French, MINIMIAM invites the viewer into a fantastical world where eggs are mountains and doughnuts are a terrain in which to golf on. The pair uses train model miniature figures, which are 1/87 scale, to throw off perspective and allow the fantastical settings to appear more realistic once captured on film.

In the world of MINIMIAM, skaters ride the bowl of a sliced avocado, sun bathers relax atop a caramelized crepe, and bicyclists around hills of eggs. Other pieces celebrate the bright colors of vegetables, using red peppers as a brilliant fire that miniature firemen attempt to tame. Miniature art gallery visitors marvel at peanut sculptures on pedestals, while a miniature artist works nearby on a shelled peanut with hammer and chisel.

Since Javelle and Ida are already food photographers, they decided to take their works on step further, by adding the element of a fantasy narrative to the common subjects they shoot every day. MINIMIAM is a playful series of 60 diptychs, that honors the day to day beauty in what we eat.


Via This is Colossal