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Guests are greeted by Yotel’s famous luggage-toting robot at the Tenth Avenue entrance, which uses its 20-foot arm to safely stores suitcases and bags. Automatic check-in kiosks also greet visitors on the ground floor. If its human interaction you crave, jet up to Four, which boasts a restaurant, bar, outdoor terrace and temporary interactive LEGO wall.

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Rooms or “cabins” range from singles to sprawling suites, each with impeccable views of Midtown Manhattan, each with an underlying (and pleasantly kitschy) airport theme, with important airline information available on each television. Occupancy sensors keep power usage low, activating LED lights only when guests are in their rooms. Yotel’s heat recovery system captures exhaust air and recycles heat and humidity back into the system. A rainwater harvesting system collects water to be used in the hotel, and to irrigate the plants on the terraces. Lastly, a hotel-wide recycling system coordinates with suppliers that use minimal packaging and recycled materials, and even the in-room pens are made from recycled paper.

The spacey Yotel is not only a unique accommodation with high design, but also a leader in hospitality sustainability.

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Images ©Lori Zimmer for Inhabitat

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