Skirting the boundaries of blue-sky design, designers Michal Vlcek and Klavir have dreamed up a futuristic eco car that is propelled entirely by photosynthesis. The car’s dome-shaped interior is home to a mini-jungle of plants, and their energy powers the motor. Although we think it would be awesome for the world’s transportation to be powered by teeny tiny forests, we’re not sure (and for that matter the designers aren’t either) how it is actually going to work.

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The auto world looks to concept cars for the bursts of inspiration that they provide. From the all-electric shape-shifting “Cell” to the adorably urban “Bug”, we’ve covered our fair share of futuristic eco vehicles here on Inhabitat. Most of these “concepts” have technological plans for their implementation, however if Michal Vlcek and Klavir have a feasible schematic for their totally plant-powered auto, they are keeping it under pretty tight wraps.

The designers note in their description that the car has a special kind of solar panel which assists the plants in their photosynthesis process. The plant’s photosynthesis then somehow powers an electric motor. The super sexy design is completely made of plastic — we’re hoping it is recycled — and the control system is made up of a joystick instead of a wheel. All questions aside, we’d love zipping around the streets of the city — or rolling country hills — surrounded by a leafy green interior.

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