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City Leaks used three different colors of crates and gave each one a specific function. The idea reminded us of the classic game of Tetris – remember that each type of block cluster was a particular color and shape? In PlayMo, the black crates = platforms, the grey crates = stairs and finally the green crates = moveable elements. The green crates are the most interactive pieces and provide an undefined random element; visitors can create their own seating arrangements or sofas or even stack crates to make additional steps. And it’s apparent from the photos of PlayMo showing how the pavilion evolves from one day to the next that people love putting their own special touches on the space. City Leaks found plants, art, toys, coins, letters and even pillows left inside and atop the crates.

“PlayMo was born from the intention of inventing a space that turns into a place where people meet, spend time and play,” explain City Leaks of how the pavilion came to be. “Its name comes from “playmobil”, a Lego styled child’s creative play toy. Usingmilk crates was like playing with big Lego pieces. Milk crates are a fantastic material for many reasons; they are structural, light, modular and they have an iconic role in Melbourne’s cafe image and laneways. We believe that familiarity to a material plays an important role in engaging with it.”

+ City Leaks