Pinakin Patel, a designer who first got his start creating picture frames in Mumbai, has released a new prefab luxury villa for India. The Hara Villa is a one bedroom retreat that can be erected anywhere and designed to have a low impact on its surrounding environment. Hara, which means “green” in Hindi, is built from local materials with a strong focus on energy efficiency and water conservation and is designed to run off solar power. But act now, because the home is a limited edition model and then there will be no more!

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Each Hara Villa comes to your site in prefabricated parts that are quickly erected on a non-invasive foundation, which reduces the impact on the site. Built from locally sourced wood, the one-bedroom villa can be powered by solar panels on the roof or connect to the grid. Water use in the bathroom is curtailed through the use of a tight faucet and the traditional Indian bucket bath.

Pinakin, who became known for his interior decorating skills and line of furniture and accessories, has even designed the interiors down to the furnishings, linens, crockery and artwork. The home has about 325 sq ft indoors and 325 sq ft of outdoor living space and comes with a kitchenette and bathroom, an outdoor wooden deck and sit-out with shaded pergola, and comes fully wired with CFL lighting, air-conditioning, kitchen equipment, a TV, computer, music system and internet capabilities. The cost for one of these luxury Indian prefabs is about Rs.28 to 30 lakhs or about US$64,500 and a unit can be ready in about 3 months. Pinakin is only selling the villas in a limited supply of 25 and after they sell the design will change.

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