With a name like Cottage in a Day, it is easy to imagine relaxing in a serene, forested setting. And these factory-built homes designed by architect Michael Fitzhugh certainly seem to fit that role. With a rustic look that is characterized by structural insulated panels and natural wood finishes both on the interior and exterior, the home’s materials conserve resources while also being energy-efficient. Each structure is based on 14-square-foot-modules that can be arranged in various set-ups, making it possible to use this prefab system to create a shelter suitable for a weekend in the woods or as a more permanent home in a rural landscape.

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The modules that make up the house are produced in a manufacturing facility in Traverse City, Michigan. Once the modules are complete, they are taken to their destination where they will only need to be set in place, insulated, and trimmed before they are ready for utilities to be connected. Like other prefabricated structures, all the plumbing, wiring, appliances, floor and wall coverings are already part of the modules leaving minimal labor and waste on site.

The cottages come in four models, from the 1414-S, which starts at $52,000 and provides basic shelter, to the 142814-L which starts at $152,400 and contains all the fixins’ for a home. All the cottages come with eco-friendly features such as Energy Star windows and bamboo flooring — and are placed on a precast concrete foundation created to cause minimal disturbance to the site.

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