On display at the Mobile Living Conference this weekend will be a series of inflatable structures from UK-based company Inflate.

Given how we gravitate towards a good bouncy air castle, we were thrilled to discover Inflate’s work. Within the medium of inflatability, the firm’s portfolio is incredibly diverse. Their custom work includes interior decor, habitable prefabs, and large event structures that resemble yurts, turtle shells and igloos.

All bouncy fun aside, inflatable structures can be incredibly useful in disaster situations, and any time when someone needs shelter that can be erected in a matter of minutes. Most are made of high-strength textiles that can withstand a variety of outdoor weather conditions. And of course the playful appeal of inflatable structures can’t be denied.

Inflate will be on display at the Mobile Living Conference in New York this weekend (May 21st-23rd) We expect much bouncing to take place:


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