David Hertz, the always-crafty architect and principal of Syndesis, has impressed us before with his homes constructed from everything from dismantled airplanes to refrigeration panels. And now, thanks to a partnership with Steve Glenn, he’s the designer of LivingHomes’ newest prefab design, aptly named the LivingHome by David Hertz. Between CEO Steve Glenn’s commitment to the highest green standards and David Hertz’s forward-thinking design concepts, it’s no surprise that the newest LivingHomes design is at the vanguard of environmentally-friendly, livable, modern architecture. Built using a panelized aluminum system, the home measures a spacious 2,650 square feet with four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a green roof, and a slew of other green materials.

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As for cost, LivingHomes estimates that David Hertz’s design will go for about $215 per square foot- not bad for the current prefab market. And, following in the footsteps of Ray Kappe’s recently-awarded LEED Platinum design, David Hertz’s home will incorporate a comprehensive LEED certification program into the construction of each unit.

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