Modernist architect Ralph Rapson has managed this to reinterpret a 60-year old design with the green panache of a 21st century prefab. The Rapson Greenbelt, an articulate series of prefab dwellings, is derived from a 1945 design called Case Study #4, which debuted back then as part of Arts & Architecture’s Case Study House Program. Today, the Rapson Greenbelt is part of the modern home portfolio from WIELER, the award-winning providers of custom prefab homes.

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The Greenbelt got its name from the distinct interior glass atrium that appeared in the original 1,800 sq ft design. The 21st century Greenbelt is available in seven configurations ranging from 576 to 2,660 square feet. Our favorite is Greenbelt 1, the design that most closely reflects the intention of the original.

Greenbelt 1 evolves around the central glass atrium that distinguished Rapson’s vision in the 1940s. The space is now designed finished and part of the exquisite living experience providing unobstructed, light-filled areas for work and play. At 1,560 sq ft, this version offers up to 3 bedrooms, one that can serve as a home office with its own private entrance.

Like the original, Greenbelt 1 is a passive solar design that optimizes natural heating & cooling and utilizes natural daylight. Front and back decks and indoor/outdoor fireplaces play with the divisions of indoor and outdoor space – a theme that has persisted in Rapson’s work over the decades. Readily available in the Eastern US, the Rapson Greenbelt is an extraordinary study in modern green modular that stands the test of time.