We are really excited about the potential of Zenkaya, a great new prefab out of South Africa that has been making the rounds lately. Based on the idea of providing “a headache free process with cutting edge design,” Zenkaya literally references a Zen approach to housing (kaya meaning “home” in the vernacular South African language.)

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While some prefab designers prefer to have the final product assembled on site or provide kits of parts, Zenkaya is completely fabricated in the factory, so all of the materials and construction are tightly controlled and not subject to variation after the selection process. The final product is trucked to your site (much like a trailer house) and can be located – or relocated as desired.

The form of Zenkaya creates a basic cradle-like shape, providing the structure for living areas as well as allowing for the home to open out onto the landscape. Efficiency derives from the layout and size modules (for delivery) although off-the-grid models are currently in development as well. Models come with one of two types of insulated walls; however there is no word yet on air conditioning or humidity control (for those of us who don’t live in arid climates�)

If you are interested in a Zenkaya unit, you will first purchase the basic shell (spec model) in the size of your choice ranging from studio to a 2 bedroom. From there, you can add or upgrade finishes, windows, kitchen options, etc. The company likens this selection process much to that of buying a car: pick out your model, add what you want, and in 2-12 weeks, the finished product is delivered to your site. Contact information is available on the website for pricing, plans and purchase details.

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