To get the full emotional experience of the potential joy of riding around in a DESEO Caravan, you should really watch their online video, which has the happiest “I’m a European modernist on the road in the summertime” soundtrack you ever did hear. But in case you need a preview…

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DESEO is a modular touring trailer that is as versatile as a Transformer. The video illustrates its many features, some of which I was able to decipher from the German with an educated guess. For example, “Multifunktionale Dinette” is a table for two with a pair of cushiony seats, all of which flatten out to make a long bench. There’s a daybed that turns into a roomy sleeping area, a compartment beneath the carriage for storage, a set of well-hidden shelves in the cabin, and an operable sunroof.

There are plenty of gratuitous glimpses of a wedding ring and tea for two, in case the target market wasn’t obvious. If you want to have your heart captured by the cuteness of this compact rambler, get on the website. It’s delightful.

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