Rain barrels are a great way to reduce water use — but they’re not really convenient for those of us in smaller rental properties that have a shared rooftop or balcony which we call “outside.” Young designerBas van der Veer kept this lack of space in mind when he created the Raindrop Mini – a streamlined rainwater collection system that plugs right into your storm drain, providing an easy way to utilize rain water in urban areas.

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Resembling what IKEA might create if it designed a urinal, the Raindrop Mini fits onto balconies and small urban gardens. Rain is collected through a small drainage tube and fills up a sleek watering can, which fits snugly inside the receptacle and comes in a variety of candy colors.

The Raindrop can comes in two convenient sizes, so now city dwellers can conserve water and collect rain without requiring a yard to store a large barrel receptacle.


Recycling rainwater is a simple and surefire way to reduce household water consumption. This brilliant system makes it easy for apartment dwellers to store and reuse rainwater in urban environments.

+ Studio Bas van der Veer