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The original stone barn has been renovated with a new addition that takes the place of a former timber addition. Designed by Roswag Architekten, the new addition is formed from rammed earth on the ground floor and contains an open kitchen and living area with a second floor of private bedrooms. The barn itself is kept unheated and is partitioned off from the new area with a insulated core and glass wall. A new roof covers and joins the two volumes into one cohesive building.

Oriented to the east and west, the Ihlow House first makes use of solar passive heating and cooling with the help of the rammed earth walls to transfer heat. Hemp fibre is also used to add additional insulation. Solar collectors on the rooftop collect energy, which is used in the radiant floors and wall heating system for heating. Rainwater is collected from the roof to flush toilets, for use in the washing machine and for watering the garden. Meanwhile waste water is treated on site. Overall the home is very efficient and uses a minimal amount of energy.

Via ArchDaily

Images ©Roswag Architekten