For those who love to stare at the moon so much they wish they could bring it indoors, Raw Studio makes a stunning LED light that looks just like the moon in the sky. Hand made using Mulberry paper on a mesh screen, each light transforms your indoor space into a moonlit evening and, depending on your preferences, can be made complete with or without the tell-tale craters of the lunar surface.

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Using the inverse square law, each light gives the illusion that you are looking at a spherical moon in the sky. To create the cratered moon, drops of water are sprinkled onto the Mulberry paper which, when lit, look just like craters. If you prefer your moon to be a bit more simple, the wire mesh version is a single piece of unbroken paper stretched across mesh. According to Raw Studios, the mesh version “seems to break the laws of physics as it crosses from a two dimensional plane into three, the simple result of the interference pattern.” The light is a beautiful focal piece whether lit or unlit.

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Raw Studio makes each product in the UK, where the company is based, and works hard to make sure that their environmental impact is minimal, so you can feel good about your purchase. They featured the light at the recent International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York City. Check out our coverage of the event here.

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