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Measuring 260-square-foot, this humble Japanese home features transparent walls and partitions. While the external walls are made from acrylic rather than glass — for its high thermal insulation properties — the curved interior partitions are metal mesh. This unique see-through quality not only welcomes plenty of daylight, but also allows inhabitants to see all around them, and also to be seen.

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In response to its see-through design, the architects had to slightly raise the property on a gravel hill, to sink some of the rooms for privacy. This resulted in a partially submerged bathroom and kitchen with plenty of storage tucked away beneath the floor and a blurred line between furniture and the floor that is typically Japanese, but with a modern twist.

Thanks to this home’s wonderful design, it is “possible for a deer to stare at the residents preparing meals,” affirmed the architects.

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Photos by Toshiyuki Yano