It’s 2010; the beginning of a new decade of great, green design. Rather than counting the days of their lives like sand through the hourglass, eco-minded inhabitants of today’s urban jungle could soon be watching time pass with these gorgeous, artfully laser-printed time pieces. Each one is hewn on re-born pieces of wood by Los Angeles-based design studio se_earch+resQ.

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Founded by architect/artist Ando Pndlian and a consortium of uber-creative friends, se_arch+resQ started out designing hot threads that told a story and delivered a message about urban issues such as homelessness through poetry and fashion. But once the studio acquired a laser-etching machine, the designers went wild exploring other mediums and the etcher has not been turned off since. Just as their clothing line told a story, the new time pieces also have a narrative.

Etched on different kinds of wood resQ’d from construction sites, back alleys, and cut-offs from the studio’s own furniture and skateboard designs, the Timeless Collection represents the sum total of se_earch+resQ’s first year of experimentation with time keeping; a series of 20 individual clocks.

Each design juxtaposes the simplicity of natural flora and fauna with the harsh but nonetheless beautiful themes of urban living. Colored hands punctuate the scenes, subtly keeping time – a concept that is both fleeting and elastic in the urban jungle, so there’s no need for numbers. Ranging in price from $100 to $300, each timepiece is a one-of-a-kind heirloom. Next up in 2010, a new 20-clock collection called Time Traveler that will mix in metal elements. The studio also designs custom art pieces, skateboards, and furniture.

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