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The building is oriented perpendicular to the axis of Montpellier’s historic district such that it does not disturb the area’s overall composition and communication trajectories. The theater expands on the forecourt and naturally amplifies spaces reserved for walking and strolling.

The theater was built with a strong awareness of its surroundings; as a structure that can be disassembled, quickly removed and recycled, the building is built out of PECF labeled wood that significantly offsets the building’s carbon footprint. It features an innovative heating and insulation system and relies on LED for energy-efficient lighting. The acoustic insulation system was designed to minimize sound pollution and create an optimal acoustic setting for the stage. The entire building is covered by a light wooden lozenge structure that gives it a unique appearance. With retractable seating, a modular stage frame and a construction that can be entirely dismantled, the theater aims for high environmental quality standards.

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