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The building’s innovative treatment of acoustic insulation and its economic energy consumption are coupled with a stunning design that creates a great working environment for the company’s employees. In addition to the large meeting space located at its center, the building boasts a 3,280 square foot roof garden shielded from the wind by aluminium-rings and glass. The garden features a 360-degree panoramic walk and offers stunning views of the surrounding city, farmland, airport and the North Sea.

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A large central atrium with glass roof connects the many departments and floors and optimizes the acoustic performance of the entire space. Carefully planned sound insulation and positioning of sound absorbers between office rooms and meeting areas allows for speech privacy between individual working groups in the open-plan offices.

In terms of energy consumption, the major design focus was using heat from server rooms, which account for approximately 75 percent of the total energy consumption of the building. Additionally, the building features thermo-active structures, 10 kilometers of geothermal heating coils, heat pumps and 1,800 square meters of solar cells.

+ GPP Arkitekter

+ 2014 Passive House Award