Renowned British architects Foster and Partners are famous for beautifully designed green buildings, but did you know they do eco-friendly furniture as well? The brand new 20-06 chair is a contemporary take on the iconic 10-06 Navy chair with a sleek new form. The 20-06 remix trades in the original’s machine-age charm for a more contemporary take on utilitarianism. It may be a bit cold, but is also quite elegant in its strict functionalism. The 20-06 uses 15% less aluminum and is able to be stacked 10 chairs high. Moreover, Foster and Partners preserves its reputation for sustainablity with 80% of the material coming from recycled aluminum. Unlike many items made from recycled materials, however, the 20-06 is also designed to last: at least 150 years, to be precise. $400 from Design Within Reach.

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