As continuation of our TOUCH | NY coverage of eco friendly furniture, lighting and accessories design from this inspired Brazilian collective, we were excited to discover the handcrafted work of Patricio Lix Klett and his La Feliz Collection. We love the organic and clean functional vocabulary of his designs, and particularly like that his latest plastic wicker creations now come in a recycled version. Part sculpture, part durable furniture and retro style lighting, La Feliz is an extremely stylish collection with a luminous personal touch.

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Patricio Lix Klett currently operates a design studio in Buenos Aires where he uses innovative plastics and recycled materials to create unique seating and lighting forms. Patricio is an Argentinean designer trained in industrial design in both Buenos Aires and Helsinki, Finland. He has exhibited his innovative line of Yerra rugs at the Milan Furniture Fair and also contributed designs made from recycled materials in this year’s Re-Made 2008 exhibition.

TOUCH features the La Feliz Collection of meticulously handcrafted pieces that are created without any machine assistance or assembly line. ‘There is only a man with (his) materials and thoughts from the inception of the idea to the creation of the product.’ A well-trained team of artisans weaves the plastic wicker (now in a recycled version) around shaped frames until the form generated becomes a functional, yet nature inspired re-made object for indoor or outdoor incorporation.

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