PULP 2.0 by Studio Jo Meesters, currently on exhibit at the Milan Furniture Fair, is a collection of post consumer vessels and furniture made from paper waste and discarded vessel moulds.  Studio Jo Meesters take cues from historic periods and creates one-of-a-kind images that market their unique pieces.  Although made of paper, these fascinating products have water resistant properties – cool!

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In 2008, Studio Jo Meesters began work on the TESTLAB project.  They focused on “experimentation on rejuvenation” and reusing discarded materials.  The studio developed PULP, a series of paper pulp vessels, after searching and discovering an alternative material made from paper waste.  Once they developed the material they revived the TESTLAB project to create a series of paper furniture based on their newly established research developments.

PULP combines up-cycled cardboard panels and old newspapers with epoxy and polyurethane.  The shredded paper, glue and water combination is applied in several layers around the outside of the vessel moulds.  Once dried the new structure is cut in half for easy removal from the mould.  The pieces are then glued back together and another layer of PULP mixture is then added.  The inside of the new vessels are treated with an epoxy resin that provides a strong and water resistant coating.  The end material balances between structural and aesthetical qualities generating a robust and highly tactile result.

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The PULP 2.0 collection consists of a table, chair, four pendant light fixtures and a cabinet.  The collection is presently at the Dutch Invertuals Exhibition and at the Leolux stand in the Fiera.  The short film, Die Ordung and an installation about the process of PULP will be shown at the In Residence’s exhibition called Ten Small Atlases.

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