Richpeoplethings is a social enterprise located in Murcia, Spain, that was born from the idea of suggesting creative alternatives to an otherwise difficult current situation. “Connecting the corks” is an open and flowing movement with the objective of offering clean alternatives, recycling, and reusing precious raw material that is usually wasted. More than 2500 tons of cork stoppers are thrown away every year (just in Spain!). Because of the incredible physical and structural properties that cork has, it is an ideal floaty material for building surfboards. Cork can also withstand the marine environment, so these “corknnected boards” are ecological surfboards.

As soon as the corks are received, all synthetic ones are discarded so only natural corks will be used for each board. The corks are then separated by size, and then assembled in hexagonal shapes (like bees create honeycombs). Pine resin and beeswax are used as glue, and the boards are finished with natural fibers and bioresins. The company’s goal is to maintain a strong connection with nature, rather than polluting it. Surfers have depended on natural materials for their boards since they first began riding waves, and being as eco-conscious as possible is so important for giving all of nature, including the ocean, the respect it deserves.

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