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Located on a hill at the highest point of Santiago de Chile’s Parque Araucano, the two yellow cubes are surrounded by native trees and wildlife. In order to access them, people have to use a series of wooden paths—a design element aimed at getting visitors to adapt to a slower pace, as well as open them up to new multi-sensory perceptions. In addition to native plants and bushes, the project also includes its very own cornfield that will match the pavilion’s color once the maize starts to grow.

Designed for the enjoyment of kids and adults, the pavilion also boasts an enclosed garden, a grotto and a labyrinth. One of the spaces even has its own pool, which is able to change with atmospheric conditions while bringing a freshness to the warm summer days of Chile.

The Garden of Forking Paths is the winner of the Young Architects Program 2013 for Santiago, Chile.

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