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For the first time ever, a brand new store has been built from the ground up for Ferrari, and this one pays homage to Formula 1. Located near the outlet stores, and visible from the main car park, the store was designed to be easily recognizable and distinctly ‘Ferrari’. The 370 sq meter glass gallery recalls the image of a Formula 1 garage and transports the shopper into that experience. Inside you can shop for luxury items with the Ferrari brand stamped all over.

Just like the cars, but even more energy efficient, the building itself is designed to be high performance. The innovative curved glass facade is built without mounting posts and bars, in order to permit total visibility both inward and outward. An ultra light frameless anchor system holds the glass panels in place and allows the entire gallery to be flooded with natural daylight.

In order to have a glass shop to show off the wares inside, Iosa Ghini Associati had to ensure the building would not take on too much solar heat gain. Each glass pane is treated with special UV protection films and a screen-printed fritting that reduces the sun’s rays. Additionally, a passive cooling system allows warm air to move up and out of the building, while bringing in fresh air. A forced air system can be activated if climate conditions require additional cooling.

Via ArchDaily

Images ©Gianluca Grassano