There are some dads who are content to construct forts and treehouses out of cardboard and plywood and then there are others that take their projects and imaginations into orbit. Redditor and leading contender for the Father of the Year Award, Jeremiah Gorman built his son Finn a simulated spaceship with parts taken from a television station dumpster. Fabricated in honor of his boy’s fifth birthday, the project was outfitted with a master control board mounted underneath a lofted bed, various electronic parts, and enough dials and switches to keep a kid of any age busy for hours.

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Dads of the world, you may have to step it up a notch thanks to Jeremiah Gorman. For his son Finn’s fifth birthday, he created a simulated spaceship made from old electronics. With donated parts from friends, including a master control board salvaged from a TV station dumpster, Gorman recreated Mission Control under his son’s lofted bed. After adding some lighting, framed space pictures, and a NASA decal, the room was ready for launch. With ingenuity that would make an Imagineerproud, Gorman created a gift that we are sure his son will remember for the rest of his career as an astronaut.

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