Set for completion in 2023, the Toranomon-Azabudai Urban Redevelopment Project is a collaboration between urban landscape developer Mori Building Co. and luxury hotel operator Aman. Apart from boasting 24,000 square meters of green space, the entire neighborhood will use 100% renewable energy and seek WELL and LEED certification. If the project achieves these goals, it would be one of the largest areas on Earth to receive both certifications.

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A Tokyo cityscape.

At the forefront of the project in central Tokyo, the concept of which is “Modern Urban Village,” will be Aman Residences, a new residential building, and luxury hotel Janu Tokyo. “Tokyo must add to its magnetic power if it is to succeed in its competition with the world’s greatest cities,” said Shingo Tsuji, President and CEO of Mori Building. “Mori Building is joining hands with Aman, which operates diverse world-class resorts, to provide a world-leading residential environment and hotel unlike anything ever seen in Tokyo, where people will achieve harmony with nature as well as connect with and inspire others through creativity. By realizing this new form of ‘urban wellness,’ Mori Building will enhance Tokyo’s magnetic power.”

A rendering of a city street corner where people mill around the courtyard of a high-rise building.

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Architects go against the traditional technique of building the structures first and then filling in the empty space with landscaping. Instead, the three high-rise towers will be built in harmony with the existing green space, meant to melt into nature and complement rather than serve as the primary focal point. In total, there are 24,000 square meters of green space, including the 6,000-square-meter central square filled with trees, flowers and waterscapes. The entire complex will total 861,500 square meters worth of floor area, including 213,900 square meters of office space and 1,400 residential units.

A rendering of a green outdoor courtyard.

Included within the neighborhood would be a medical facility, a spa, fitness clubs, a food market, restaurants, community vegetable gardens and the central square. Access to all is provided through a membership card for guests of the hotel and residents of the Aman Residences. 

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