Renault is now taking online reservations for its two-seater electric city car, the Twizy, which uses tandem seating to create an ultra-trim silhouette. The car comes in a 17-horsepower Twizy model (available in Urban or Technic trim levels), which can travel up to 50 miles per hour, or the Twizy 45, which gets up to 28 miles per hour (45 kph) and has a 5-horsepower motor. The announcement was made at the Barcelona Motor Show, where the Twizy models were on display.

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Because the Twizy 45 has such a low top speed, it is targeted toward young drivers, who do not even need a license to operate the vehicle in some countries. The pricing, which starts at $9,930 (6,990 Euros), does not include the battery, which has to be leased from Renault for $65-70 per month, depending on the model. European customers can reserve the Twizy model of their choice for a deposit of just 20 Euros.

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