The architectural team of VenhoevenCS and Ateliers 2/3/4/ have revealed plans for a timber aquatic center in Paris, which will use a smart energy system to provide 90% of needed energy from recovered or renewable energy sources for the 2024 Olympics. The complex will also include a vast pedestrian bridge connecting it to the existing Stade de France.

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a blue courtyard with people roaming around in front of a large timber structure with a curved roof.

As the only new building constructed for the 2024 games, the timber aquatic center will remain useful well after the Olympic games end, with further opportunities for residents to learn swimming, practice sports, relax and build community. The idea is to provide healthy living incentives for the local people, as well as promote sustainability and biodiversity with abundant vegetation surrounding the structure. The proposal includes plans to create room for over 100 trees onsite to improve air quality, stimulate biodiversity and create new ecological connections.

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greenery surrounding a timber structure with a curved roof.

According to the designers, the complex’s solar roof will be one of France’s largest solar farms and will cover 25% of all required electricity consumption, equivalent to 200 homes. With water preservation paramount for utility cost and environmental conservation, the building includes an efficient water consumption system to reuse 50% of the old water when freshwater is needed.

a person diving into a large pool.

The center also utilizes upcycled furniture in its design. All of the furniture inside restaurants, bars and entrances uses wood waste from the construction site or demolition sites, and the chairs are fashioned from 100% recycled plastic collected from a nearby school. The main structure is made of wood, with a suspended roof shape that will minimize the need for air conditioning and make it more efficient to heat. The interior Olympic arena tribunes on three sides and contains room for 5,000 spectators to congregate around a massive modular pool for swimming, diving and water polo competitions. All other events will occur inside temporary venues or existing structures.

a night-time aerial shot of the timber aquatic center.

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Design: VenhoevenCS & Ateliers 2/3/4/ Images: Proloog