Believe it or not, this wooden racer is powered by nothing more than an everyday electric drill. Dubbed Rennholz, which translates to “Race Wood,” the ride represents the ultimate in e-mobility. Not only is the vehicle powered by a Bosch electric drill, it’s also made of custom-fabricated bent plywood, which was chosen as the material for the vehicle since wood is a renewable material.

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The Rennholz was an entrant in the HAWK Hildesheim’s bi-annual race, which only allows vehicles powered by electric screwdrivers, instead of a typical high power motors. “The goal was to create an extraordinary vehicle powered by an e-motor,” explains project participant Jirka Robert Wolff.

The electric drill has the power to drive the racer up to 15 mph at 10 minutes at a time. With a larger battery, the vehicle could have the potential to drive further, but Wolff doubts that the drill would be able to hold up that long. Either way, the beautiful bent wood construction and the fact that it’s powered by a simple cordless screwdriver is awesome.

Via Fast Company