Armed with the power of plants, Nimbus offers multi-use cleaning and household items that minimize single-use waste. The sustainably-minded company aims to create products we use every day, with reduced impact on the environment.

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The Nimbus journey began in 2012 when co-founder Mark Samuels traveled to Bukit Lawang to film a documentary on the topic of deforestation and its impacts to local wildlife. While he was there, he witnessed firsthand the effects on the endangered orangutan and other animals as a result of palm oil and paper operations. 

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Inspired to change the course of consumer products, the initial product, bamboo toilet paper, was launched and Nimbus was born. In the years since, the company has tapped into eucalyptus fibers for its Nimby compressed towels, developed disposable paper straws and created paper plates from sugarcane plants, among other product releases.

The Nimby towels are hypoallergenic, biodegradable, flushable and compostable. They’ve earned several certifications and awards including ‘Best New Personal Care Product’ at 2022 Expo East, Testex approval, OEKO TEX certification and the FSC Certified stamp of environmental excellence. With the exception of the Expo East award, the same accolades were awarded to the Multi-surface towels. Both products are made from FSC Eucalyptus fibers that are converted into a natural rayon. The company reports these products are plastic-free, chemical-free and armed to eliminate 99.9% of germs. 

Reusable cloth being put into the washer

All Nimbus products contain recycled or natural materials, which are responsibly sourced. Bamboo and eucalyptus were consciously chosen for their low energy and water consumption during growth. Eucalyptus is sourced from farms that grow plants as agricultural crops rather than from forests, avoiding any risk of deforestation. Bamboo is a fast-growing grass that sucks up carbon and releases 30% more oxygen than a comparable grove of trees.  

You can find Nimbus products online at and Amazon. Some products are also available in-store at Rite Aid locations nationally.

Nimbus products review

Remember when you were a kid and were given those small, dehydrated washcloths? You know the ones. We’d drop them in the bathtub and they’d instantly turn into a thin washcloth. 

The Nimbus compressed cleaning towels are pretty much the same thing, except instead of a cotton washcloth, these are more like super thick paper towels. Which makes sense considering they’re made from plant-based materials. 

I received two versions of the Nimby towels packaging. The first is a paper-based tub that contains twenty reusable wipes. This is a thick cardboard that can be repurposed for other storage later on or easily recycled. The packaging is printed with a lot of information about the sustainability aspects of the product and how to use it. 

The second packaging provides a wrapper for each cloth, which I assume is part of a commercial bulk pack. The wrappers appear to be plastic lined, which I attribute to moisture-proofing, but I have questions about this and the waste involved in the individual packaging. The provided QR code provides information about the cost savings and environmental aspects of providing these biodegradable cloths in a hotel setting. There’s even a form for creating a cost-savings estimate based on usage. It would be nice to replace the commonly provided chemically-laden, non-environmentally-friendly make-up cloths with this solution. 

Eco-friendly home products in a flat lay

The cloths are easy to use. Simply dampen them with a few drops of water and unfold them as they expand. They are thick and reusable. Simply rinse after use. You can squeeze out the excess water or simply drape it over a surface to dry.

I’ve used this type of dehydrated cloth for many years now and take them everywhere. I keep a few in my toiletry bag to use for removing makeup when I travel. I always take a few when I go backpacking since they are perfect for washing dishes, faces and bodies. Plus, I feel good about burying them since they are plant-based and biodegradable. I also make sure to have some when I stay at an Airbnb or similar rental since they often lack adequate linens. I use them to wipe down counters and wash dishes, or as a washcloth in the shower. 

The company also sent a three-pack of multi-surface towels. I haven’t used them on windows or glass but look forward to seeing how they work. For everyday cleaning, they are reusable tools for a variety of uses. They wash nicely and also make a nice gift. I am a little disappointed in the packaging for the towels. It features a coated paper package that may be difficult to recycle and it’s attached with those annoying little plastic tags.

For a company that promotes its avoidance of plastic in its products, it seems like a better design could be chosen for some of the packaging. However, when we’re talking about progress, not perfection, Nimbus is a win in many categories.

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