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The red Y-Cube might look like a house from the Monopoly board game, but it’s not playing around when it comes to innovative design. Each Y-Cube unit costs around $50,000, and they’re built in a factory and can be transported on the back of a truck. The cubes offer a modest living room, a kitchen, and separate bedrooms. The YMCA rents this model out for around $233 a week.

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Taking the Y-Cube model to the next level, the YMCA has commissioned a 36 unit test site in the town of Mitcham. Each cube will serve as a building block for an apartment complex stacked three units high with a classic peaked roof. The units will be arranged in a U formation, and they will share a common garden in the middle.

The YMCA’s Y-Cube communities offer a more comfortable alternative to hostels, and their modular design offers tenants privacy and a feeling of home ownership. Each tenant is expected to stay for three to five years. If the test sites are successful, the YMCA hopes to install 150 units overall.

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