Using edible matter as her medium, art student Risa Hirai whips up mini models resembling full meals and even bonsai trees. Instead of using traditional paints and brushes to create her works, her off-beat palette consists of flour, sugar, butter, and oil. Once combined, the ingredients get baked in an ‘artistic’ oven, which then emits the delicious smell, adding to the overall experience of her artwork.

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Hirai, a senior at Tama Art University, says she wants people to experience a sensory overload through the engagement of their sight, sense of smell, and taste buds. Her pieces resemble everything from delicious sushi to tasty veggies to even cute chopsticks, and the enticing wafts of sweet, freshly baked dough pull visitors even further into the experience.

Gallery goers looking to catch of glimpse of the artist’s work can also expect a tasty treat from Hirai’s exhibition of edible art, which will be on display at Gallery Tokyo Humanite from March 11th through 16th.

+ Gallery Tokyo Humanite

Via Spoon&Tamago

Images courtesy of Gallery Tokyo Humanite