Dutch artist Geke Wouters has created a stunning collection of paper-thin bowls made from carrots, peppers, beet root, leeks, tomatoes, and other vegetables. Each delicate piece of edible art is made using a proprietary drying and forming process that converts organic materials into the paper thin layers, giving you the sense of a microscopic view into their intricate cellular structure. True to their natural materials, no two of these vegetable bowls are exactly alike.

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We can imagine some heady discussion on the deep meaning instilled in the gorgeous, yet fleeting art that Geke Wouters creates. On the surface, her series of vegetable-paper bowls and plates are breathtaking 3D forms, but you could also find a lot of symbolism behind using thin biodegradable material to make art that will wilt and loose its beauty. Is this eco-conscious Dutch artist telling us that to pay more attention to these garden grown wonders? According to Geke, the bowls are an example of “re-shaping what nature offers us” – what a great motto to design by!

Keep an eye out for more colorful vegetable-paper art from Geke. She is working with embossing and stamping techniques that led her to produce her own vegetable-paper business cards and she believes this material could have endless applications for highly decorative, and deliciously edible products. If you would like a bowl of your own, the current collection is carried by Mossi Lab, a collective of designer accessories for exquisite interiors.

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