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The renovation process included installing extra cinema screens, an outdoor 750 seat amphitheater, additional storage vaults for the institute’s extensive film archive and a Latin American cinema museum. However, administrators of the film institute (now rebranded as the Cineteca Nacional Siglo XXI) contracted the architects to not only update the existing facilities and add more functional capability, but also reconfigure the surrounding exterior into a vibrant public space.

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With the large open air canopy, students, administrators and visitors now have a social gathering area that doubles as the building’s lobby. The gleaming canopy slopes over the open space below, which contains four new screening rooms as well as a few shops and cafes. Architect Michel Rojkind explains, “We didn’t want it to feel like you’re in the lobby of a commercial cinema, we wanted it to feel more like a university campus, with everything floating in a park.”

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Photography by Paul Rivera

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