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The school was originally considering a large sculpture to occupy the courtyard as a highlight for the center of the campus. But upon further inspection, they realized the campus lacked a public space for students to gather, so Interval’s pavilion was then commissioned.

The pavilion solves the problem of creating a communal gathering space, but is also sculptural, like the school initially intended. Like a rollercoaster track, the pavilion snakes up and down, creating overhead shelters and benches where it meets the ground. The timber walls have a louver system in between solid edges, filtering the harsh sun, and creating nice shaded areas for the students to take breaks between classes.  As the belt-like structure folds, sitting areas are created. Some are guarded underneath the louvered “roof”, while others are in the open air.

The pavilion strips, which touch the ground, have been planted with long horizontal gardens surrounded by bench seating. Students can enjoy sunny days relaxing on the rollercoaster shaped structure, and rainy days under the raised areas.

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Via Arch Times