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Van der Ende looks at the fragments of found wood that he collects as elements of a mosaic. Sorting each plank, remnant and small piece into piles of color and texture, the artist has the incredible ability to transform them into abstract and nearly photorealistic sculpture. Each of his pieces uses the remnant piece in its unaltered state.

Both realistic and abstract imagery are portrayed in Van der Ende’s sculptures. The more realistic ones take influence from space, nature, industrial elements, technology from the past, and vehicles. Along with upcycling his medium, the artist is also a master at perspective, making three dimensional pieces jut out of the flat picture plane of the wall.

Retro tape cassettes cascade across the wall, while a realistic looking set of cigar boxes are stacked flat against the wall. Wood is transformed into the look of metal in a piece of a model airplane, while the tattered paint chipped pieces of wood emulate a well-rusted Trans Am.

+ Ron van der Ende

Via This is Colossal