While grandmother’s doilies may be an anachronism in modern homes today, the UNBLOSSOM salt crystal crocheted bowls represent a very current trend- that is the re-inventing of products from past crafts for modern-day uses. The-Home-Project crystallized doily bowls breathe new life into a lost craft and are anything but nostalgic. Not that we don’t love the handiwork of thousands of needle loops, but the more visually engaging three-dimensional version is easier to appreciate when sustainably recycled into a piece that fits with the new decor.

Crystalized Crochette Doily Bowls, Home Prorject

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Crystalized Salt Shakers, Salt Shakers, Crochet Salt Shakers, Home Project

The Home Project Cork Cups

And if the traditional flat doily is what you prefer, there are still endless opportunities for exploration there too.

Crochet Floor Pattern, Crystallized Patterns, Home Project

Crochet Floor Pattern, Crystallized Patterns, Home Project