Our friend Lloyd Alter at Treehugger shared the work of Sam Lofgren, who has literally plunged into design with a set of toilet plunger furniture! Lofgren uses the powerful suction of toilet plungers to construct his minimalist furniture pieces, which are overflowing with utilitarian charm. The line is an excellent representation of “Adhocism”, or the ability to use what is on hand to accomplish a task – from tables to towel racks, the pieces transform plungers from bathroom tools to living room appointments.

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Sam Lofgren’s Sucker furniture is simple, humorous, and strangely elegant in its execution. Taking advantage of the toilet plunger’s amazing suction power, the Swedish designer uses them to construct tables, towel bars, and bookcases.  Using the same elements in different configurations, the rubber plungers act as colorful connection pieces while the wooden handles act as structural support.  Separated by glass to make resting shelves, the furniture appears Scandinavian in style with a little bit of aRube Goldberg aesthetic thrown into the mix.  Easy for DIY’ers to assemble themselves, the Sucker furniture makes for great conversation pieces, and are wonderful examples of improvisation and creativity using everyday objects.

+ Sam Lofgren

Via Treehugger