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Seulmundae was making soup for her 500 children when she fell into the pot and died. By the time her sons realized what had happened, they had already eaten the soup and were subsequentlyturned to stone for their transgression.

A major stone wall that forms the axis for the museum is placed along the linear site to provide an entrance to the journey of Jeju’s mythology. Outdoor spaces that draw on the island’s mythology such as the Sky-Pond and Mother’s Garden have been placed along the wall. Not only do these spaces aim to preserve the past, they also preserve the future by maintaining a harmonious balance with nature.

In addition to offering up various sceneries through openings along the wall, the structure functions as the main exhibition path that links the various programs such as permanent and planned exhibitions, multi-purpose rooms and support facilities. Along this path, visitors can expect to find abundant water, the stone-wall, and greenery that creates a total of eight themed spaces that tell the story of the island’s formation.

To guarantee the building does not interfere with the existing environment, the team conducted solar and wind path CFD simulations to keep any changes to an absolute minimum. Natural ventilation will reduce energy use while many of the roofs will be topped with greenery to reduce heat gains and enable rainwater collection across the site.

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Images by Samoo Architects & Engineers, The 2-Belo