The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics may have come to a close, but Samsung’s colorful shipping container pavilion will live on. As featured on Treehugger, the pavilion was designed by Samsung Galaxy Studio and it’s made from 16 recycled shipping containers stacked like LEGO bricks. Now that the Olympics are over the pavilion will be given a new life – read on for the details!

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Bonnie Alter/CC BY 2.0

Stacked like bricks, each of the shipping containers was painted in brilliant primary colors, black and white. The end of each container was met with a length-size glass window to let natural light into the pavilion. At the ground level, these gaps were met with entrance doors.

On the interior, the recycled shipping containers doubled as corrugated display walls, and even a stage for Samsung’s performances and presentations. At each end, the colorful containers’ brick like pattern could be seen from the inside as well. Tables and displays of Samsung products filled the rest of the space.

The 16 containers made their own journey before settling at the Olympic Park, having traveled to 15 Russian cities to “collect everyone’s wishes from town to town,” while also showing off the possibilities of sustainable architecture. To continue with that thread, the containers will be donated to a local educational facility to be reused once again.

Via Treehugger