San Francisco residents looking to deck their halls with green holiday decor will be excited to hear that for a limited time the SF Environment Department is teaming up with Friends of the Urban Forest to offer living Christmas trees that will be replanted in neighborhoods after the holidays! Although they’re not your classic x-mas evergreens, these adopted saplings offer an excellent alternative to clear-cut trees, and will live on as a gift to the community long after the holiday season.

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It’s a bit heartbreaking to see all those bristle-bare Christmas trees lining city streets after the holidays, and this initiative will prevent the needless destruction and disposal of trees while infusing urban spaces with much needed greenery. Residents can select from 4 different species, and after the holidays the tree will be picked up from your home and planted in a San Francisco neighborhood.

Urban trees offer a number of benefits to city streets including reducing water pollution by capturing street runoff from storms, cutting energy costs by acting as shade from the sun and a shield from wind, and helping to clean the air. Currently San Francisco streets are lined with 106,000 trees, and they can accommodate up to 120,000 more.

Adopting a tree costs $90 and you can order them up until Monday, December 8th at

+ Green Christmas @ SF Environment Department

+ Friends of the Urban Forest