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Inspired by the temporary pavilions of the Venice Biennale and London’s Serpentine Gallery, the MPavilion was designed to be a multi-functional venue for talks, workshops and performances. Based off of the structure of barns and sheds in Australia’s outback, Godsell created the pavilion to be rectilinear when its walls are down. When activated, pneumatic arms automatically lift the walls to reveal the interior, or can be used to open the ceiling pieces at will, enabling countless options for the blooming pavilion. The automated walls also close when they sense strong wind or rain, protecting the furniture and visitors inside.

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The pavilion’s wall panels themselves are made from galvanized steel as the outer skin. A glazed glass roof lined with a perforated steel skin enables the interior to be well lit naturally, and reclaimed wood clads the entire interior flooring, giving it a rustic look.

At night, the lowered walls create a mysterious setting that appears as a glowing rectangle when lit with incandescent lights. The temporary pavilion will welcome visitors and unique programing in the park until February 1, 2015.

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