Stealth House is modern in every way, but the design brings to mind many ancient design concepts. Natural light comes into the space thanks to central courtyards, similar to the design of traditional Roman homes. This windowless home offers beautiful views of nature and a truly timeless look.

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A streetview of a windowless house with a rainbow-colored prism exterior.

Created by Austin-based Scott Specht of Specht Architects, this home was built on a “fringe” lot that many developers overlooked. Previously, the area was considered undesirable and had gone unused. This home design is an innovative solution to the fringe property problem. People want to live near the city, but they don’t want to live near landfills, industrial areas or anywhere else considered “ugly.” This house has no windows, removing the issue of looking out onto undesirable views.

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A sideview of a windowless house covered in graffiti.

From the outside, the home doesn’t even have to look like a house. The simple concrete and steel exterior walls can become anything. They can be left just as they are, or they can be decorated and wrapped. Stealth House can stand out or blend in.

Floor-to-ceiling windows looking out onto a green courtyard.

Inside, this home is full of light and greenery thanks to the courtyards. Floor-to-ceiling glass walls provide views of the courtyards to make them part of the interior design. As explained in a project statement, Stealth House’s design is “based on a traditional Roman house model.” This model centers a home around a large courtyard, with rooms looking inward at this center area. In this design, multiple small courtyards give each bedroom privacy and beautiful views.

Floor-to-ceiling windows looking out onto a green courtyard.

The main courtyard will take you up the stairs to the roof. The roof is fitted with photovoltaic panels, a roof garden and a landing area for drone deliveries. Up here, homeowners can grow their own food and power their homes with solar energy. And they can do it all while staying close to the city, on a lot that most people would overlook.

Floor-to-ceiling windows looking out onto a green courtyard while a family sits at a table and sofa indoors.

Stealth House’s compact, space-saving design is perfect for first-time homebuyers. The design is 1,100 square feet and includes two beds, two bathrooms and enjoyable living spaces.

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Images courtesy of Specht Architects